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    We are the Crystal Lake Bombers


    The Bombers' emphasis on player development is a long standing tradition. We organize competitive baseball travel teams to enhance learning opportunities for middle school and high school athletes. Our Professional Coaches, provide players with realistic and challenging preparation for high school and college competition. To achieve this goal we seek exceptional baseball educators to lead our teams. Individuals with baseball coaching skills, who have the desire and ability to mentor players, develop successful teamwork, and teach essential values, are encouraged to contact us about opportunities to be a Bombers coach.  
    Don't be fooled by other organizations that claim to have Professional Development.   The Bombers provide the highest level of player development in the area.   In addition to our Professional Coaches who coach our teams throughout both the off season and regular season,  the Bombers bring in  additional specialists  for off season training and work outs.  The Bombers  are proud to call the PCA facilities their home for both off and in season workouts.


    Crystal Lake Bombers to offer an 11U travel program in 2019


    Crystal Lake Bombers are pleased to announce that starting in the 2018-2019 season will offer a travel program for 11U travel baseball players. More info to come about this exciting news!!!

    What is a pitcher only?
    A pitcher only is a role on the team dedicated to pitching to the near exclusion of playing a field or batting role. Some may see this role as a limitation holding a player back. Others as an opportunity for a player to fill a critical role on a quality team that he might not normally get to play for. Either way, in the 2014 season the 16U team took 4 Pitcher only players. These boys – commonly known as the "PO" Squad – took their roles  to heart.
    Their job was simple…to start and complete every inning of every game in which they took the mound. Yes the boys did get a few at bats (8 combined), they did pinch run a few times, and in one case played the field for 2 innings. But for the most part their role was to take the mound and own it. 
    Having a 4 dedicated starting pitchers vs. teams with position players who also could pitch gave the 16U Bombers a depth at this role second to no other team we faced this season. And the results are evident…

    • 22-5 combined record
    • 10 shutouts
    • 18 (plus one 6 2/3) complete games
    • 1.84 combined ERA
    • 180 combined K’s

    The pitcher only role is not for everyone. But if you are offered the opportunity I suggest you take a moment to think about the possibilities, the potential, and the value of accepting such a role.

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